Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stuff I came accross on the net. Someone just asked me if I preferred blondes. I am going to write a longer article, but the following struck me and I had to share it
Beautiful Women

Did you know that if shop mannequins were real women they'd be too thin to menstruate?

There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only eight who do.

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14.

If Barbie was a real woman, she'd have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.

The average woman weighs 144 lbs. and wears between a 12-14.

The models in the magazines are airbrushed - not perfect!

A psychological study in 1995 found that three minutes spent looking at a fashion magazine
caused 70% of women to feel depressed, guilty and shameful.

Models twenty years ago weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today they weigh 23% less.


luihamu said...

Greetings man,
why do people take time to look at themselves.Why do we have to trust what the doctors say,do you remember Culture and his song TRUST ME.WE NEED TO TRUST OURSELVES WE DONT HAVE TO TRUST WHAT THEY SAY.ITS I AND I FOR I.

Masimba Musodza said...

Spread the message!!!!!

PS- I wish I knew enough Swahili, it is the Pan-African language. Keep up the good work!!!!