Sunday, February 04, 2007

Miss H, you are a star!!!

Someone very special to me is reading my book. She lives out there in the Us, in the State of Minnesota, what I call the set of Little House on the Prairie. Those of us who grew up in Zimbabwe in the 1980s will remember the Friday evenings when families would gather round the TV, munching on boiled mealies, to watch this really beautiful show. It has been a while since we've seen this side of America, this was before MTV, gangsta rap and warmongering Bush. Miss H, for that is what I shall call her here, has unwittingly shown me the America that I had forgotten.

She will also be remembered and loved by all for inventing spoken ChiShona with an American accent......

Not many people have had a chance to see my book yet, because not many Zimbabweans can purchase things online. So, there haven't been that many people known to me who have as yet seen it. I have been getting a lot of tribute, which I appreciate. But I am sure we all agree that it means so much more when it comes from your own folks. And Miss H certainly falls in this category.

Her initial appraisal of the whole book reminds me of a comment from Heinemman when that great literary giant Dambudzo Marechera first submitted his writing to them. It is reported that they saw the difficulty of distinguishing between what was from the author's own feelings and experiences and what was just him being clever. Miss H appears to be saying the same thing. She is a Rastafarian, a woman at that, and some of the issues I raised are not new to her. So, she would know what I am talking about.

I can't wait for her full review. I just wanted to say to her thanks so much for all the comments. After these, I can handle the scathing reaction that awaits me from some corners.

How many Zimbabweans get to be read on Little House on the Prairie?!!!!


Anonymous said...

its you who is the star, gee wiz. anyhow, I just had a thought while browsing through other books on accident actually and I truly and honestly noticed just how yours stands apart from the rest. in more ways than one, lol. (won't go any further into that one

but it does. its the typical list of rastafarian books out there, and they are all wonderful too, but yours does stand out, and I'd say that whether I knew you or not. I really love the stories and the characters and the surprise endings and how you wind up the stories in the end. especially 'The Stolen Computer,' well all of them for that matter. the focus on the rastafarian family and values was great too. It was interesting how it was all tied into the local situation and zimbabwe also, and I learned alot about that too. the ending of 'Pamarasta' was just too good

well, enough of this gushing, not trying to sound like some commercial person which I'm not, just being honest, &had this in my head after glancing at the typical list of rastafarian books out there (one even went so far as to mistakenly use the word "rastafarianism" in its title and its even suppose to be some type of guide book for others about rastafari,

well, running out of time, wanted to quote some of my favorite parts here but will have to in the future when possible, there are so many. One of my favorite characters is the rastafarian techno-geek,lol, I loved that character, just the thought of her walking down the mall with the laptop working on the clever plan against the villans makes me smile.

Your book also inspires and reminds me not to let the ones at my workplace get me down as I think I've told you they are christian reptilians, lol of the worst kind. they'll be quitting before me, I'm not going to run and hide just because I'm outnumbered.

well, will post more again in the future, I am really starting to like this blogging thing, I like reading other peoples blogs and I think you have one of the most interesting ones on the planet!

good luck again with your dreams, I am sure you will conquer them all no problem, rastafari is suppose to be here to life ones up not bring eachother down, I truly think the church ladies should of offered to find a way to help you as a brethren with your book, etc..... to just label it as smut is a great injustice. and they should of truly took notice of the fact also that not only are you a writer but when you do succeed you have plans to use your resources for other rastafarians, who knows maybe even them? so, anyhow, have a nice day, will blog more later, thks

Anonymous said...

oh, just letting you know its just me, Heather, I'm the same person as adeftblogginblogger, but I have that because I needed to think of a username fast for an account again and its the first that popped into my mind, I am far from being deft at anything, especially blogging, lol, so just letting you know its just me, Heather, I think I've fixed it now so it shows my name like it was suppose to