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Reply to Saints Unit

Once in a while, I overcome my restraint and respond to the utterances of some of the most idiotic people that are to be found on this planet. My uncle Wonder always said, "Never argue with a fool, people may not know the difference". I don't know if he's the one who came up with it, but I heard from him first, then many times after that.

But, like I said, sometimes you just have to wade in and maybe put some sense in to some of these half-wits.

It was a tough choice, with the strongest contenders being closer to home. There was Caesar Zvayi, who cannot understand why Zimbabweans do not feel like celebrating independence any more. Yes, it would puzzle anyone who did not have control of his own mind. And, the Minister of State Security telling reporters that his regime would do what any "constitutionally-elected" government would to quell the opposition's defiance campaign. We all know what functions as the Government of Zimbabwe, but to describe it as "constitutinally-elected" is like describing Makosi as an actress.

But the privelege of a counter-assault has been conferred on a religious sect calling itself Children of the Saints Unit. An odd mixture of the Black Hebrew movement in America and British-Israelism. Unlike many groups of these two persuasions, these people have developed serious delusions about their teachings and have started to attack other religious groups, such as Rastafari and the European Jewish movements.

Look at this article Any one with bird shit for brains would see its desperate dearth of facts. The only value this article has lies in its capacity as a gauge to measure the intellectual vigor of the writer and the people that subscribe to this drivel. I should not be too amazed, I am after all a compatriot of the other two above-named contenders for the Half-wit of the Week Award.

Let's examine this article. See how the writer opens with the assumption that the Rastafari Faith has risen unchecked or unchallenged and that he now poses a serious challenge to it. Well, we all know what the mouse said to the female elephant.

For a long time now, there has been a small percentage of people that are completely convinced that Tafari Makonnen is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and he alone can claim the title “the Lion of Judah”. For those who are wondering just who is this Tafari character, you may be more familiar with Ras Tafari (Ras - meaning duke or chief). I would like to make it clear, that there are Israelites living in every continent on earth..and as you will see…our people are drawn to Ethiopia as if it is somehow a holy land of God. Come out of her my people!

Had this writer been to school long enough, he would know of Ethiopia's status as a holy land of God long before even the Judaeo-Christian dispensation. Consider this passage from Homer's The Iliad, dating from the 8th Century B.C. I want to thank my father for exposing me to such literature at an early age.

Then Thetis answered him as she wept: "Ah me, my child, why did I rear you, cursed in my child-bearing? Would that it had been your lot to remain by your ships without tears and without grief, since your span of life is brief and endures no long time; but now you are doomed to a speedy death and are laden with sorrow above all men; therefore to an evil fate I bore you in our halls. Yet in order to tell this your word to Zeus who delights in the thunderbolt I will myself go to snowy Olympus, in hope that he may be persuaded. But remain by your swift, sea-faring ships, and continue your wrath against the Achaeans, and refrain utterly from battle; for Zeus went yesterday to Oceanus, to the blameless Ethiopians for a feast, and all the gods followed with him; but on the twelfth day he will come back again to Olympus, and then will I go to the house of Zeus with threshold of bronze, and will clasp his knees in prayer, and I think I shall win him. ( From Line 413 of Book 1)

To the ancient Greeks, Ethiopia was the land where their gods obtained their knowledge and power from. They ruled from Mt Olympus, but they had to travel to Ethiopia to commune with the blameless Ethiopians. Greek historian Herodotus names Ethiopia as the birthplace of some of the gods. (Book II, Chapater 146 of his Histories. I have a print copy, so could not paste the passage in question) Herodotus states that he got his information about Ethiopia from the Egyptians, who regarded it as their cultural parent.

Ethiopia is mentioned several times in the Hadith and the Quran. Bilal, the first convert to Islam was from Ethiopia. The Prophet Muhammad advised his followers to seek refuge in Ethiopia, telling them that there lived a Christian King who would accommodate them. In fact, it was purely by a turn of events that it was Mecca and not Ethiopia which became the place of refuge for the followers of the then fledgeling religion. To this date, Ethiopia remains the only part of Christendom that is to be exempt from the Jihad. Harar, the city of Haile Selassie's Governorate prior to His ascension to the Imperial Throne is regarded as the fourth holiest city of Islam, preceded only by Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

Of all the African nations today, Ethiopia is the most steeped in the Old Testament traditions, and also a form of Christianity that can be traced directly to the Apostles. There are to be found there versions of the Scripture- including books regarded elsewhere as non-canonical- that are not found anywhere else. Whatever wild delusions the Children of the Saints Unit have about themselves, their link with the Apostles, therefore Christ Himself is tenuous.

Speaking of Scriptures, there is in Ethiopia a book called The Kebra Naghast, or the Honour of Kings. It was compiled in the year 1225 of the Western calendar, under the Bishopric of Abba Giorgis. I have a copy in the original Ge'ez and Amharic. There have been many English translations made to date, but the most famous is the one made in 1922 by Sir E.A. Wallis Budge, M.A., LITT.D., D.LITT., LIT.D. F.S.A. The foreword to it reads as follows.


In the preface to the online edition, it is stated that when Sir Wallis' version came out, it sold out immediately, attracting the attention of scholars, and that " but a few of them raised the question of the historicity of the Book of the Glory of Kings". Contrary to what the Saints Unit author would have his followers believe, the descent of the Imperial House of Ethiopia is widely considered a fact. The British monarchy sometimes claims descent from King David, yet if they were to openly say this they would be laughed out of town because there is nothing to support that belief. Would the Emperor have used this motif or motto, Moa Anbessa Yimnagada yahuda- the Conquering Lion of Judah- if it were likely to meet not only dispute but ridicule for want of substance? Yet this is what the writer would have us believe, based on his "tons of research".

In Ethiopia is to be found the last piece of wood from the Cross on which our Lord and Saviour was crucified. In Ethiopia is to be found the Ark of the Covenant. There is no need to produce "tons of research" to support the idea that Ethiopia is a land holy not only to Judaism, but Christianity, Islam and more recently, Rastafari!! Ethiopia is also a holy land to religions that are no longer current, such as the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman, but whose influence pervades over much of the global culture that we have. Even the pantheon of ancestral spirits venerated by many Zimbabweans today, Chaminuka and Nehanda etc were Ethiopians. Chaminuka is known to have converted to Christianity and worked closely with a missionary from Palestine named Ngauza. See the book Birth of the Bantu by Dr Aenias Chigwedere (currently Minister for Education)

I suggest that people read for themselves the Kebra Naghast. There they will find the narrative of the union of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and the establishment of the Davidic line in Ethiopia. One doesn't have to believe it, but one can clearly see that the idea that Emperor Haile Selassie is the descendant of King David is an integral part of Ethiopia's psyche.

So after Marcus Garvey procalimed (sic) Makonnen as the Conquring (sic) lion of Judah, he (Makonnen) was embraced by many West Indian brothers and sisters as the Messiah incarnate

For someone with tons of research, it seems strange that he has reverted to the much-recycled although inaccurate claim that Marcus Garvey proclaimed Emperor Haile Selassie as the Conquering Lion of Judah. The Title is Haile Selassie's, by virtue of His descent from King David. Marcus Garvey did speak of Ethiopia a lot, and drew attention to this last independent African state, such that when the Emperor was crowned, Black people all over the world were aware of this event. It was those who saw it as a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy who embraced the Emperor as the Messiah and became the first Rastafarians. And it was not just in the West Indies.

By the way, in the Ethiopian naming system, it is incorrect to refer to Emperor Haile Selassie as "Makonnen" as this is not His surname as the term is understood in the West and in other cultures. "tons of research" should have made this clear.

Marcus Garvey..false witness.. Selassie was a nobody..not the king of Judah! (well..that’s not entirely true…Selassie was a dictator and he did steal most of the money out of his own country..and ..he was a coward that ran when his country got invaded)

Having already established that Marcus Garvey did not advocate for the idea that the Emperor is God or Christ, he is not a witness then, is he? Having sifted through "tons of research", the writer fails to recognise the winner of the Times Best Dressed Gentleman for 3 consecutive years, the first Head of State to address a World Body ( the League of Nations), the most photographed person, the founder of the Organisation of African Unity, a world statesman, and describes Him as a "nobody". Is this ignorance or malice? When did the Emperor steal money from His own country? Isn't it a fact that Ethiopia did not have the kind of money the lies-peddlers have been telling us the Emperor stole. Did not the Military that assumed power conduct their own search and find that the only money that found its way to a Swiss bank was in fact for the Crown Prince, whose stay in that country for medical reasons had been prolonged? Surely, your "tons of research" would have included Ethiopia's economic statistics etc?

Did the Emperor run away when Ethiopia got invaded, or He discussed with His officials and it was decided that He should take Ethiopia's case to the international community? And to call His Imperial Majesty, whose regime is from an age that has never heard of presidents, military juntas etc, a dictator is to demonstrate a deplorable lack of knowledge on the subject.

The writer goes on to deny the existence of Mennelik, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. He decides to support himself by sticking to the story of the encounter of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba as it is written in the book of Kings, where no mention is made of Mennelik. But he makes the error of naming her Makeda, which is what she is called in the Kebra Naghast. In other words, this half-wit knows of the story of Mennelik, but is selective in how he uses it. This is not knowledge, it is concocting propaganda.

The Ethiopian flag with the Pentagram dates only from 1996. It is based on earlier Ethiopian flags, all of which have the red-gold-green bands. Now associated with Pan-Africanism (red for the blood of Africans shed, gold for Africa's wealth etc), originally they were the flag for.......the Imperial Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia! See the Wikipedia entry. The writer is going all the way with his campaign for misinformation or display of ignorance, not sure which at this stage by telling us that the Pentagram is associated with Satan worship. The above cited Wikipedia entry elucidates on the meaning of the Pentagram on the present Ethiopian flag. I would also draw people's attention to an entry on the Christian use of the Pentagram. Having quoted extensively from Wikipedia, I must express the hope that this online repository is not run by Jews, otherwise this debate will be taken by my not-so-learned friend towards his other pastime; anti-Semitism. By the way, anti-Semitism is also popular with the lunatic-fringe of just about every cause you can think of from Japanese anti-Article 9ers to Muslim jihadists and everything in between.

The writer is at pains to depict the Ethiopians as descendants of Nimrod. The Ethiopians call themselves HABESHA, meaning MIXED, because they represent a mixture of peoples from both sides of the Red Sea. While they are Cushitic elements in their make-up, as there are elsewhere in Africa, the Ethiopians have never identified themselves with Nimrod.

There is an African people who point to Nimrod as their forebear. That is, the Yoruba people of West Africa. Their descendants are to be found in their millions in the Western hemisphere. Many Blacks in the West, including the same people that the Saints Unit teaches are the children of Israel. Still want to paint your own granddaddy as a devil-worshipper?

Then he starts quoting Scriptures, conveniently neglecting Revelation 3:12. It is interesting to note that under FALSE PROPHET he has a picture of the Kwerata Reyesu and the Coronation portrait of the Emperor. Something else his "tons of research" may have missed, or something he decided should be overlooked but the Kwerata Reyesu- the depiction of Jesus as a dreadlocked Black man- is the oldest representation of Christ. The original painting, reputed to be the work of one of the Apostles, was so sacred that the Emperors exacted an oath of fealty on it. (It was looted by the British at Magdala) So, Mr Saints Unit spin-doctor has unwittingly contrived to have the true likeness of Jesus and the Emperor on the same picture!!! A picture speaks a thousand words, certainly more than his caption The Lion of Judah?

Mr Saints Unit, surely you must have noticed that not once does Jesus actually say that he is the Lion of Judah?

And when he starts denigrating the Ethiopians, he overlooks verses such as Amos 9:7. He overlooks the fact that Ethiopia is the location of the Garden of Eden. He overlooks the fact that the Ethiopian official (Acts 8:27) was coming from Jerusalem to worship- only Jews were allowed to worship there. Nothing too explosive, stuff that would have turned up in even an ounce of research.

Oh, and by the way, Emperor Haile Selassie traces his decent from Ori the son of Cush to Makeda, who bore the son of King Solomon, and from that time the dynasty became Davidic. The Ethiopians have never denied their Cushite heritage.

I liked the pictures of the Ethiopians "shopping for food". A picture says a thousand words, but these ones say that Saints Unit is a lousy propagandist.

I particularly like

But I think you’ve got the point…The Lord our God does not recognize these children of Babylon..Come out of her my people!

Because this goes against what the Bible itself has to say on the matter. I am quoting from the King James Version, which seems to be the only one the Saints Unit are aware of. I doubt if anyone in their group can read Hebrew, Ge'ez or Amharic or even Greek. There are plenty of Rastafarians who do. In their youtube video, members of the Saints Unit are seen picking on less knowledgeable Rastafarians. This is how they operate, this is how they make themselves appear bigger than they are, by picking on easy prey. I challenged the writer to a debate on his article, and he has been stalling. I don't suppose he has engaged any of the erudite Rastafarians in his country.

Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God. Psalm 68:31

I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there.

Psalm 87:4

Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the LORD. Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir?

Amos 9:7

From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.

Zephaniah 3:10

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