Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Riots in Highfield.

I missed out on the riots in Fio the other day. Many people are excited, and drawing their own interpretations about what they mean at this stage of our struggle.

For some, the feeling is that the armed forces are using such heavy, brutal methods in the desperate hope that the people will snap, all hell will break loose and then Mugabe can be booted out by the military. Of course, others just think it is sheer stupidity on the part of a Government that wants to convince the world that all is OK in Zimbabwe.

The riots take me back to the ones we had in 1998, sparked by the increase in the price of bread. As now, talk of a military intervention was in the air. Some of it crept into the papers, and we know what happened to the reporters that crept it in.

But for me, the memories are evoked by the looting, the destruction of property by people who are supposed to be fighting for freedom. I remember local shops being burned down and looted by local people. Local people beaten up by local people.

Are the demonstrations intended to overthrow Mugabe or for us to get real savage with each other? If it is the former, they have failed. As for the latter, to what end?

This is why I no longer take part in demonstrations. I go out there thinking I'm doing my bit for freedom, only to find myself surrounded by madness.

When will we ever get it right?

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