Friday, March 02, 2007

Economic Developement Revisited.

I always return to this topic because it is one of the most dearest to my heart. We, the Rastafarian people, need to strive to attain a measure of economic self-reliance and influence. If only to meet our basic needs.

A lot has been done, but much more needs to be done. I can name a few projects that have come to my attention, and one of them is a peri-urban agricultural one.

The one cultivating his ground will himself be satisfied with the bread, but the one pursuing valueless things is in want of heart- Proverbs 12:11

As for me, I am in the process of reviving Light & Peace House of Publishing and Printing Press.

It is discouraging to note that more Rastafarians are leaving the Chitungwiza area, presumably in search of employment in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and further afield. The impact on our community is not just economic but social. Many of our women are being left alone to fend themselves with the children. Not only do they face material hardships, but the religious services have virtually ceased and this will certainly have a detrimental effect on a nation that has been fledgling for a very long time now.

We also have many brethren and sistren who are too busy feeling sorry for themselves, or too busy singing, smoking and dancing in the clubs or memorising the words of Marcus Garvey, or waiting for Rastas from the West to bring money, to realise that time is marching on and we are all getting older. The Master is coming, Pay Day is around the corner, and He will want to see the work before He hands out the Birr.

My sister in Minnesota is also giving attention to these things. Many of the ideas that she has are the same as mine, which means that I am not alone with this outlook. I can see us being able to assist in international networking of Rastafarian businesses. She asks the same question: why should Rastafarian businesses only offer reggae CDs and woollen tams? And she is interested in the peri-urban produce.

I am going to feature some of the projects that best illustrate what I would like to see in the Rastafarian community. If there are any that brethren and sistren out there would like to draw my attention to, please let me know.

He that is cultivating his own ground will have sufficiency of bread, and he that is pursuing valueless things will have his sufficiency of poverty. Proverbs 28:19

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