Monday, July 09, 2007

Now, they come for the business people
( what's left of them)

Are our businesses plotting to bring down the Government (which itself long ago lost the legitimacy to run our country) by deliberately pushing prices beyond the reach of the public?

This is what the same Government would like us to believe. Amazing thing, paranoia. I found the Sunday Mail "rationale" quite unpalatable. But if anyone was ever in doubt about the method to the Government's madness, it was made plain in this article. Mugabe's regime is not content with all the damage it has done to our country.
Personally, I think this whole thing about taking over businesses is so that they can loot them for the much needed forex to pay off the IMF. It is too simplistic an arguement for me that they are destroying what is left of commerce for the sheer hell of it.
As with all things that this evil regime has done, I always ask my compatriots; when will our collective sense of outrage reach a point when we will act to save our country?

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