Monday, July 02, 2007

You're losing the plot, Archbishop!

What the hell has possessed Rev Pius Ncube? Is it that he has underestimated the intelligence of the millions of Zimbabweans who want to see the back of Mr Mugabe? Or is it that those of us who wish to free Zimbabwe and need a strong leader to rally around overestimated the intelligence of this man of the cloth?

Oh, these are tricky questions, think for a bit. It is very easy to underestimate the collective intelligence of the Zimbabwean nation. Very easy. At the same time, Archbishop Ncube has managed to stay in the limelight as a key opposition figure despite his many acts of imprudence. Oh, yes, we must talk about them. They have made us uncomfortable, but many of us have let them slide because we thought they did not really matter in the bigger scheme of things.

Like when he said he would pray for Robert Mugabe to die. Plenty of ammo for the dictator. The media apparatus harped on it for days, almost as if there was a real fear in the regime that Archbishop Ncube could get the Almighty to send Mugabe to That Place. Instead, it was Archbishop Ncube's own boss, Pope John Paul II who kicked the bucket a few days later, prompting Mugabe to joke that the cleric had been misheard by God, who thought he had said "Pope" when he meant "Bob".

I remember seeing Archbishop Ncube on BBC. He had flown in to talk about the situation in the UK. This is where part of the problem is- since around 1998, we have had every one who has had the chance tell the world ( read the West) how bad and intolerable it is in Zimbabwe and how the regime will soon collapse because there is nothing more to plunder and how every body will die of hunger. A child born in 1998 would be nearly 10 now. He or she may not know the Zimbabwe I grew up in, but that child is still alive. And Zimbabwe is still there.

Did Archbishop Ncube think the West really cares? I thought to myself- why doesn't he engage Zimbabweans? It seemed he was putting too much effort for a few tsk! tsk!s from the Europeans, who happen to have their own issues. And that is all we have had from the Europeans, a few tsk! tsk!s. Remember, these are the same people who stood by while the Hutu and Tutsi ( which same "tribes" they invented) slaughtered each other, and who are standing by while Americans bomb Somalia and Janjaweed rape and kill non-Arabs in Darfur.

Now, the cleric is asking for the US and UK to invade Zimbabwe? Hasn't anyone told him of Iraq, Afghanistan and all those other places that these imperialist gangsters have set up tent and are giving them political, economic and other grief? Why should they rush to save Zimbabwe?

It has always been the arguement in favour of Western imperialism that non-white nations are incapable of governing themselves and need to be governed, nurtured like children until they can one day rule themselves. This was the arguement Smith presented against Majority rule- that it would be at least a full Millenium before Blacks could govern themselves.

This is the same thing that Archbishop Ncube is saying when he joins Morgan Tsvangirai in calling for Western intervention. Ian Smith must be feeling vindicated when he hears this- substance is being given to his philosophy in his own lifetime!

No, listen, Archbishop Pius Ncube. I think you are a nice guy, I admire the way you reached out to that girl who had been raped by Zanu youths and brought her story to public attention. But when you start actually calling our former colonisers to show up their ugly faces in Zimbabwe, you'll soon find yourself alone. The last thing we need at this stage is disunity among the anti-Mugabe ranks, but I am prepared to expend some of the much needed energy to fight you as well.

Perhaps you have lost focus. We don't want Mugabe gone so we can bring back the UK. We want Mugabe gone so Zimbabwe can be free. Perhaps you should just move to there, join those who think Zimbabwe will be liberated by getting as much publicity in the British media as one can get, and leave those who are serious about liberating Zimbabwe to carry out our mission without noiseome, pointless distractions.

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