Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Zimbabwe's Heroes according to Masimba Musodza
The MDC has announced a list of Zimbabweans it regards as real heroes of Zimbabwe, as opposed to the politically-nominated ones that rest at Heroes' Acre and provincial shrines around the country. I quite agree with the party on this matter- there is something wrong with having "National Heroes" named by the ZANU-PF Politiburo. My great-uncle, despite being a staunch ZANU-PF supporter at the time of his death, was not considered for hero's status because he once joined one of the smaller parties that talked to Ian Smith during the Chimurenga.
I sat down and compiled my own list of Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans that I think have done much for this country and should be honoured for it. I avoided politicians, but some you just have to mention. Aside from the Mugabe lot, the likes of Pius Ncube will not be listed. The bonking bonkers bishop committed the unforgivable crime of calling for British troops to invade Zimbabwe- no patriot says shit like that.
Here goes. (Not in any order).
  1. Morgan Tsvangirai- for daring to raise his head when the whole country was ready to be sheep before Mugabe's regime.
  2. Edgar Tekere- for doing the same when Mugabe was going to have a one-party state.
  3. Joshua Nkomo- a true Pan-Africanist. Unlike certain people, he was ready to accept that the Zimbabwean nation is made up of different tribes, etc, and that the nationalist struggle presented many ideologies.
  4. Herbert Chitepo- another Nationalist
  5. Kubi Chaza-Indi- Businesswoman, film maker, actress ( She was in a Bond movie, and she came up with hair-care products for Black people.)
  6. Thomas Mapfumo- A champion of not only democracy in a political sense, but in a cultural and intellectual one.
  7. Alick Macheso- a cultural giant. I haven't forgotten how he would pull his window down to wave at me even though I am sure he did not have a clue who I was.
  8. Oliver Mtukudzi- another luminary who has brought fame to Zimbabwe.
  9. Rozalla- a great singer.
  10. Masasa Moyo- Zimbabwe's contribution to Star Wars.
  11. Stella Chiweshe- not only a great singer, but a champion of women's lib for going in to what is still largely a no-go field for women except as dancing girls.
  12. Leonard Dembo- another cultural icon
  13. System Tazvida- ditto
  14. Leonard Zhakata- never thought much of his music, but he has showed courage in speaking out about what is happening in Zimbabwe.
  15. George Shaya- I think he was the first Black Zimbabwean soccer star
  16. Peter Ndlovu, or Unlove as he his known in the UK
  17. Bruce Grobelaar. Peter Ndlovu's contemporary. You did not have to be a soccer-fan to know these people.
  18. Kirsty Coventry- she has won us our first Olympic gold in a long time.
  19. Proud Chinembiri, aka Kilimanjaro, Zimbabwe's boxing legend
  20. Simon Chimbetu
  21. Moses Chunga.
  22. Viomak
  23. Geoff Nyarota
  24. Wilf Mbanga
  25. Trish Mbanga
  26. Christopher Chetsanga
  27. Nick Price- The screams in every home on a Thursday evening when the Zimbabwean flag would appear next to his name on Gillete World Sport Special.
  28. The Blacks- Wayne, Byron and Cara Black. Tennis champions.
  29. Jairos Jiri- a great philanthropist.
  30. Dumisani Maraire. Not only did he give us Chi, he contributed towards church music in the Shona language.
  31. Tsitsi Dangarembga-
  32. Kutamadzoka I ( to those who do not know their history, he founded the Munhumutapa dynasty)
  33. Changamire Dombo
  34. Joyce Simango
  35. Kristina Rungano
  36. King Lobengula of the Ndebele
  37. King Nohureka of the Buja ( Great x13-granddaddy to me......)
  38. Betty Makoni- I cannot imagine a greater philanthropist since Jairos Jiri. Apart from the millions of grandmothers who are looking after their grandkids, orphaned by Aids.
  39. Michael Raeburn
  40. Nechangwe ( "Mbuya Nehanda")-
  41. Roger Boka
  42. Strive Masiyiwa
  43. Nigel Chanakira.

This is not the full list, so those I have met who I have told that I regard them as luminaries, yes you are included.

I must also mention non-Zimbabweans who have done something for our country, even if it is only getting us mentioned. They are

  1. H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I
  2. Getrude Caton-Thompson
  3. Bob Marley & the Wailers
  4. President Samora Machel
  5. President Kenneth Kaunda
  6. President Julius Nyerere
  7. Damian Marley & Nas -Damian is very much his father's son.
  8. Hugh Masekela
  9. Thandie Newton
  10. Jamelia


mutekedzi said...

I totally agree with your superb list.I went over the names one by one and you are spot on.Bless you.

Masimba Musodza said...

Well, I'm just thinking about people who have actually contributed to Zimbabwe as opposed to the politically-designated "heroes". People who do inspire not just Zimbabweans, but many other people in the world.