Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going somewhere?
According to a story in The Zimbabwean newspaper, these helicopters are on standby to fly Robert Mugabe and family if he loses the forthcoming elections.
If this report is true, then it means that Mugabe knows that he will not be able to rig the elections as well as he would like- not with all the rats realising what they have feared for some time now- that they could stay on his edifice and slide towards the precipice with it, or jump off now and find somewhere else to infest. He also knows that even if he wins, it will be difficult to control the masses, not with many officials becoming bolder in their defiance.
I still won't vote for Makoni, though.
It's not the first time that Mugabe has prepared to leave the country at election time. He is rumoured to have done so the last time. Does this reveal the reason why he doesn't to give up power- he's scared for his personal future if someone else takes over? What is he scared off? Much speculation is on the Matebeleland Massacre, but the list of atrocities is supposed to go back to the time of the Chimurenga.
If I were Mugabe, and I got the choppers ready, I'd say, fuck it and pack my bags and fly off to somewhere. There are still plenty of places an evil tyrant can find a home- and not all of them in Asia. Why not the United Kingdom- he's alleged to have bought a castle in Scotland, earning the nickname Mcgabe. There's something about African dictators and Scotland, Idi Amin loved the place too. Of course, the rest of us Africans love Scotland as well.
Another good reason to go to the U.K. is that he is liked by the Royal Family there, and by far more Black people in London alone than in Zimbabwe.
Speaking of places where more Blacks love Mugabe than those of us in Zimbabwe, there is another place I would suggest. Trinidad & Tobago. Average Zimba's never heard of it, but there is some sort of organisation there devoted to Mugabe ( or maybe they were just another lot of beneficiaries of the reported £3m the regime dished out to recondite "Pan-Africanist" and "Black Liberation" outfits in the West to whip up support and paint Mugabe as some sort of hero a la Garvey, Nkrumah etc) led by some chap who thinks he speaks for all Trinidadians, such that he even calls himself Trinidad (or hotep, which is also a greeting amongst these people, as in Peace and Hotep to you. And you thought A.F.M. members praying to Mwari waEzekiel Guti was absurd.
So, there's lots of places he can go to. So, there really isn't any reason to hang about any longer.
Hark, is that the drone of helicopters I hear?

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