Friday, February 15, 2008

Thanks, Steve
Steven Spielberg announced that he is stepping down from the role of adviser to the Beijing Olympics over China's role as the economic power behind Sudan's continuing slaughter of people in Darfur.
Let's put aside for another day the fact that he hasn't been so prominent in his criticism of the United States' own genocidal atrocities or complicity in genocidal atrocities around the world. And let's put aside the fact that he has not said much on the Middle East- I resent the widely-held view that non-Israeli Jews should either be or for Zionism and must state their position and stick with it, just like I resented the way white people sometimes turn and stare at you on the bus if a black person's misbehaving.
People are dying in Darfur. A superpower like China has ignored this, because it needs the oil and it doesn't give a monkey's about Black people, as exemplified by this article. A superpower like the States has also ignored this, because confrontation would only foment Islamic solidarity and hurt successes that Washington has scored in the Middle-East and it doesn't give a monkey's about Black people.
Which leaves us with...Africa. But Africa has done little for Darfur. Our own regime has received surveillance gadgetry from China, to make it as good as the Zhings at suppressing dissenting voices, and there's all this talk of "Look East Policy", which basically means that us proud Zimbabweans have to kneel before them and suck Zhing dick. Same treat is in store for all Africa- as long as we keep thinking that China is an alternative to our relationship with our former colonisers and do not wake up to the fact that we don't need relationships of this sort but should be a superpower in our own right.
I just want to salute Mr Spielberg for this one gesture- it means that there are some people out there who too think of Darfur and are prepared to sacrifice personal advancement to draw attention to the plight of the Sudanese. Perhaps more people around the world will be goaded in to action.
Far more than we've been getting from the so-called African Union.

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