Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The long wait

......Or is it the long goodbye?

Since last week, when we had the elections, it's like a whole blanket is over the country. The Government has never been big on information, but this time they outdid themselves. Even the propaganda apparatus, the Mahosos and our friends and had nothing to say. Almost as if there was no election happening.

Yet, people have been talking. Those with access to the Internet and satellite TV (when the power is on) have been passing on what they have seen through texts.)It has been reported that Mugabe's sister, Sabina, died. She had been ill, but the word on the street is that this an omen. Remember the other Mugabe sister's performance at Heroes Acre?

There was also a rumour about flying that Elliot Manyika shot his rival in the MDC, and one that Bob himself had left the country.

These are just some of the rumours on interest to me, but there are loads of stories going round.

Seems to me though, it looks like the writing's on the wall for Mugabe. He could get the elections rigged, like what has been the case over the years. As in the past, he has had to print more money to fund the campaign. Ironcially, this time the printing has been done by a company in a country whose chancellor the Mugabe regime denounced as a Nazi. Despite the anti-semitic rants of this regime, they have roped in Mossad as well.

What it seems he cannot count on is his own coterie. Members of the armed forces have been openly campaigning for Makoni and Tsvangirai. It is said that even the Zanu MP candidates were telling people to vote for the party in the Parliamentary elections, but choose anyone other than Mugabe in the Presidential. A law enacted allowing a policeman to enter the booth to help an illiterate voter may have been meant to have them intimidate people in to voting for Mugabe, but it in many instances it may have seen the police telling people not to vote for Mugabe. Many in the C.I.O have also been working against the regime. I learnt recently from some that Mugabe got thrashed, and there was rejoicing when the results came in.

So what now? Rumours of talks, rumours that even now Mugabe may have already gone. I wonder if he'll take Mengistu with him. And where would he go? There can't be that many places where he will be welcome, not China, not Libya or any of the so-called allies. Certainly not Trinidad, even if Ayinde & co were in charge of that country.

Speculation centres on the following possibilities.

1. Mugabe will reject the results of the elections, but needs to be sure the army and politicians will back him.

2. Mugabe will accept the results, but there comes the problem of what happens to his cronies.

3. The army will take over. Imagine having Chiwengwa in charge of the country......

4. Mugabe will go quietly, and we enter a new era for our country. (No, seriously, this may happen.)

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