Wednesday, April 09, 2008

To Run-Off or not to Run-Off.

Robert Mugabe (or Matibiri as he is now widely referred to in opposition cyberspace)has finally reared his head- having garnered enough support in his camp-to challenge the will of the people and has begun to fight back.

My own sources in the C.I.O. say he was thrashed in the Presidential elections, "real bad" according to one. This is why they won't release the results. Instead, they have taken a most unexpected stance: the elections were rigged. Imagine, Zanu PF complaining about rigged elections!!!! How else, Zanu reasons, could Mugabe have lost. (Try an electorate where even the die-hard Zanu supporters have come to realise that Mr Matibiri and his bunch have nothing more to deliver)

But Zanu is taking this rigged elections thing seriously, to the point of arresting some of the Zimbabwe Election Commission officials and charging them with working against Mugabe, the result being that elections were not free and fair. If I were Matibiri, I would also pass by the Israeli Embassy near Barclays Bank on Jason Moyo Ave and demand my money back from Mossad. Come to think of it, if Mossad could take the dictator's money (actually our money, but that is another arguement)and still not save him from getting his ass whupped in the elections, what would stop the Z.E.C officials from, um, not helping him? Reports abounded of soldiers who openly campaigned for either Makoni or Tsvangirai. One told me that they were doing this despite the rigid "orientation" in the military because they too bought at the same shops as civilians, went to the same hospitals etc.

Face it, Matibiri, people are trying to tell you that they have had enough of you. Where they rigged for you, they now rig against you. Whether rigging is right or wrong is another matter all together- the point people are making is that they want you to leave State House.

Oh, and take Mengistu with you.

Mugabe is going, but not just yet. He wants to have another election, where he will ensure he wins. This will entail printing more money in Germany, further inflation, basically more of the shit that constitutes Zanu's style of running things.

What should Tsvangirai do? Take part in the elections or boycott them? This has been the problem of all opposition in Zimbabwe under the present environment. To take part would be tacit endorsement of a political processs that is not democratic. This is why there was apathy in some areas. But, at the same time, to stay away would send accross the message that there is no opposition in Zimbabwe.

I think Tsvangirai should go ahead and take part in the elections. My reason is the belief that there are more elements to the whole process than in previous elections. There is dissent in Mugabe's own camp, and the strong possibility that whatever apparatus he chooses to put in place to assure him "victory" will work against him. Just before the last elections, they passed a law allowing a policeman to enter a polling booth to help an illiterate voter. Many felt the idea was to intimidate voters, but it may have seen the police actually encouraging, may be even intimidating the voters in to choosing Tsvangirayi.

Get the message, Matibiri?

If the elections fail, the regime has another ace up its sleeve. "I have degrees in violence," Mugabe once boasted. There have been reports of white farmers grouping in Zambia. How far true are they? I wouldn't put it past some of the white farmers, after a couple of lagers and the whole Rhodesia thing floods their memories. But isn't rather convenient that the Rhodies resurface to scare those of us who may have started to doubt Mugabe's wild conspiracy claims? Even if there were whites plotting to return Zimbabwe to their understanding of the "good old days" i cahoots with Tsvangirayi, then surely they could have waited till he was actually in State House?

Do you want Mr Jones to return?

The violence option will not work, because there is no one to fight except non-violent, long-suffering Zimbabweans who still believe that the ballot will bring them the change they need. No, when I say the violence option, I forget for a moment that violence has always been an option for Zanu PF. But it is not for us. (us being ordinary Zimbabweans)

Let's have the second round of elections. And you will get your ass whupped again. Even if you disregard the results, you will know in your heart that the people don't like you any more.

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