Monday, May 05, 2008

You must remember this is Africa...This isn't Little-Puddleton-on-the-Marsh and they behave differently here. They think nothing of sticking tent poles up each others whatnots and doing filthy, beastly things to each other. It does happen, I'm afraid. Its a very wild thing, an election
-Lord Soames, last British Govenor of Rhodesia

These are the words of the British Empire's man as he presided over elections that were to sweep Robert Mugabe to power in 1980. Nobody listened, because Lord Soames represented the bad guys, the guys we had been fighting in the Bush. Robert Mugabe was the future. And if anyone was in doubt, when he came to power, Mugabe gave us that Reconciliation Speech which moved Alec Smith, son of his late rival Ian Smith.

Nearly three decades later, these words are being remembered by our generation as the country once again becomes engulfed in politically-motivated violence. This is the question that some are beginning to ask; was this imperialist right about Black people in Zimbabwean politics?

But why are we even going back to the utterances of the sort of people we fought against so that we could have Zimbabwe?

The answer is there for all to see in the manner in which The Herald and other of the regime's media apparatus -including hordes of ideologically challenged peripheral Black groups roped in from the U.S. and United Kingdom- have handled the issue of elections in Zimbabwe. Do these people really think that anyone out there takes them seriously?

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that it is time we listened to the voices of colonialism just because Zimbabwe's media has proved to be anti-Zimbabwe. What I am saying is that it is ironic that out of all that has been said about the situation in Zimbabwe- the only person that seems to have insight in to it is a dead British lord.

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