Friday, August 15, 2008

Do we need the Bear for a friend?

Declare among the nations,Proclaim, and set up a standard; Proclaim--do not conceal it-Say, 'Babylon is taken, Bel is shamed.Merodach is broken in pieces;Her idols are humiliated,Her images are broken in pieces.' For out of the north a nation comes up against her,Which shall make her land desolate, And no one shall dwell therein.They shall move, they shall depart, Both man and beast

Did the Prophet Ermiyas predict the rise of Russia as the power that will overthrow that of Euro-America as the successor to Babylon? I'll leave that for another discussion.

Like most Zimbabweans, I am horrifed at the conduct of Russia in Georgia. Yes, NATO has found itself lacking the moral authority it needs to react. What an embarrassing position for the West. The papers have chosen to blame Georgia's President, saying that he started a war that he cannot fight and has left NATO in an awkward position. But what was the man to do, one way or the other he was doomed.

How does any of this affect us Zimbabweans? Surely, we have enough on our own plate? Well, I haven't forgotten how Russia blocked a bid for tighter sanctions against the Mugabe regime. The arguement given sounded solid enough, and was much aired in the Herald and other instruments of misinformation. Russia was hailed as a principled nation.

Principled? Does what is happening in Georgia fit any civilised person's understanding of the word? Do we really need such a nation on our side? A bully and thug. That the West is no better is beside the point. I am concerned that us siding with this rising- and ambitious- power out of a desperate desire to spite the West will be costly to us in the not too distant future. Russia is not our friend, any more than a jackal that comes rushing when he hears a lamb bleating is a friend. Russia has already shown that she does not care about Zimbabwean people by supporting a government that is oppressing Zimbabwean people.

Maybe Russia will bring down the West, as the prophecy appears to show. But that still does not make her a saviour. What is happening in Southern Ossetia is proof enough.

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