Monday, November 24, 2008

Another betrayal of the Zimbabwean people

It is my unpleasant duty to denounce the Movement for Democratic Change as a traitor to the people of Zimbabwe, who had reposed hope in it for a way out of the quagmire that our country is in.

There is no Movement, certainly no Democracy- the people want Mugabe to go and he is still there!!-and there is no change. There is, however, meetings in hotels, trips abroad, handshakes with people who orchestrate mass-murder, rape and muzzling of the media, and communiques. There is also a total breakdown of service delivery, a cholera epidemic. There are also rumours that much of what was happening in March is still happening in the rural areas.

I think our M.D.C leadership is more interested in ministerial posts than in removing the depraved Mugabe regime- which was the primary objective when Zimbabweans began to create an opposition.

Speaking of Zimbabweans, our collective attitude towards M.D.C's glaringly obvious short-comings is indicative of what someone once described as a lack of a sense of outrage. Zimbabweans have tolerated Matibli's evil regime, I suppose we can endure an opposition that we are becoming less and less in need of.

But at what cost?

Instead of feeling betrayed and angry, we clutch at straws. An even earlier bunch of traitors has suddenly woken up to the fact that they have not benefitted from the Unity Accord. (Notice how they have woken up to how they, not Zimbabwe's people, have not benefitted from the Unity Accord. No prize for guessing who's interests they will be fighting for when they canvass for your vote) Some are sure Obama will send troops. These are some of the relatively saner lines of thought Zimbabweans are pursuing.

But at what cost?

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