Friday, December 26, 2008

There's no plot to overthrow Mugabe, but, by God, there ought to be!!!!

When it was reported that Jestina Mukoko was taken away by unidentified men from her home in the early hours of the morning, most Zimbabweans said it was the work of Mugabe's security agents. Jestina Mukoko was only the most famous of a large number of activists who have vanished over the months that Tsvangirai and Mugabe have been holding talks towards a GNU. Mugabe's tactic is clear in this matter- remove the MDC's activist base, and the party would have no leg to stand on. One of MDC's strengths- that it is an amalgamation of different groups bound by the belief that Mugabe should go- can often be its weakness.

The Herald reported that the police were treating Mukoko's disappearance as a kidnapping.(Ko, vaigoti chii?)Then, it leaked that Mukoko was being held in a house in Kariba as part of a plan to coerce Tsvangirai in to accepting whatever terms Mugabe dicated in the formation of a GNU. Anyone who remembers how Joshua Nkomo was transformed from a Nationalist stalwart, to a rival, then a Nationalist ally, then an enemy of the State (i.e. Mugabe as in etat ce moi) and leader of a band of bandits that were a bunch of boy scouts at a jamboree compared to the Fifth Brigade that was deployed to deal with them before being bullied in to joining a GNU will see the pattern being played out here.

So, if Mukoko was kidnapped, how come a few weeks later she is now being charged with plotting to overthrow the Government of Mugabe? When did she make the transition? Am I having a Rip Van Winkle moment here?

Does anyone believe that there are bases in Botswana where Zimbabweans are being trained in guerilla warfare? Most of us wish they existed, so we could go there and learn how to free our country.


THE SHADOW said...

Nice post bro,

For years, I've researched how colonial forces have influenced Zimbabwe. Some voices abroad say that pressure is put upon Pres. Mugabe because he doesn't bow to European powers. Other voices, such as yours, say that Mugabe is a tyrant, hungry for money and power.

I'll continue to do my research, but believe me, voices such as yours help me access information and a point-of-view that would otherwise be non-existent.


sarudzayi barnes said...

Good analysis of Mugabe,brother. He has a lot to answer before Jah