Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biti got balls!!

The Herald has rushed out to announce that MDC has finally agreed to Mugabe's GNU. I call it Mugabe's GNU because while it will be a Government, only in his warped thinking can we describe it as one of "National Unity".

The Herald has been at pains to depict the ordinary person as impatient with the continued talks and blaming these same talks (read blaming Tsvangirai)as the source of Zimbabwe's problems. Small wonder they are a bit miffed that MDC secretary general Tendai Biti has expressed reservations about the so-called agreement.

I am not sure why Tendai Biti opposed to the proposed GNU agreement, effectively cancelling his first class ticket for the Gravy Train. But he can share my reasons:

1. The agreement spits on the millions of Zimbabweans who have been killed, raped, beaten, displaced, dispossessed etc as a punishment for asking Mugabe's regime to be accountable to them. The idea has always been to remove Mugabe because he is an evil tyrant and has no plans to share power with anyone, not even his cronies. This is what we suffered for-to get rid of Mugabe, not sit down with him.

2.There are clear precedents in Zimbabwe's history; Smith/Muzorewa's Zimbabwe-Rhodesia farce and Mugabe's own Unity Accord. All they achieved was a bloated Government. They did not stop media censorship, intimidation of dissenting voices and other violations of human rights.

3.A GNU will not turn around the economy. The kleptocrats are still in charge of that. Why would Mugabe allow the MDC-assuming that it can under the circumstances-revive the economy? That would only make him look bad, and isn't the whole thing about saving face? See what they did with the MDC-run local authorities.

4.The long talks preceding this phoney agreement gave Mugabe time to weaken the opposition base. Kidnappings, the most prominent being that of Jestina Mukoko, have continued. By the time the MDC leadership realises what is happening, much of the grassroots structures will have vanished. At least when Mugabe next calls for elections, he won't have to send in the Green Bombers.

Mr Biti, if you are ready to do something really brave, count me in. I have no doubt there are many out there who can tell the difference between a bona fide settlement and what amounts to the repression of any opposition to Mugabe's rule. Hand me that GNU agreement and I will piss on it.

Only till Zimbabwe is really free!!

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