Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Someone's taking a piss

7 January 2009

ATTENTION: Ms Rosalind Franklin
Diggory Press Ltd,
Three Rivers, Minions,
PL14 5LE

Dear Madam


I have communicated to you several time via e-mail my growing unease at your failure to respond to my queries about sales figures, due royalties etc relating to the above named book and also the £280, manuscript and artwork that I sent you for a new project.

However, it wasn't until I noticed that your website has been taken down that I made enquiries and have found out that there are several complaints against you and the prospect of legal proceedings.

I tried calling you the day before yesterday to seek clarification from you on the matter. First, I left a message because nobody picked up. Then, in the evening, you hung up on me. I still left a message.

Under the circumstances, I hereby withdraw from our contract. You may not print or distribute or cause to be printed or distributed further copies of any of my work. I understand that the only thing you own is the ISBN which you assigned to the book(s) and I state that I will not be using them to print or distribute the book(s).

I am still demanding a satisfatory response from you regarding the issues I have raised in my e-mail correspondence to you. Should you continue to ignore my queries, I shall be left with no option but initiate legal proceedings against you.

Yours Sincerely

Masimba Musodza.


jonathanmasere said...
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jonathanmasere said...

Dear Brother Masimba,

It seems as if there are a lot of sharks waiting to prey on innocent writers. I have been receiving solicitations for manuscripts from Ross Thomson
( but Mrs Barnes told me of her experience with Author House. I would rather have my manuscripts gather dust than have them swiped from under my nose.

On an unrelated matter, I found your article on the Bible quite interesting. I have been reading a lot on ancient Egypt and take a different angle on the issue of Middle Eastern theology. I am convinced the roots are not Abrahamic as we have been told. Egypt is the source. If the theology made inroads across the narrow strip of land connecting Egypt and Asia, surely there ought to have been more and effective impact in Africa given the geographic intimacy with Egypt. More on this later.

Find books by Moustafa Gaddala ( and Gary Greenberg. I have a collection of books by both writers.

jonathanmasere said...

Masimba, I did a quick google search. My goodness, Rosalind Franklin is bad medicine. It seems as if she has swindled many writers.

Masimba Musodza said...

Mwana waSatani chaiye. Punk ass bitch. It was too good to be true, I can't believe I fell for it. She claimed that her company was "Christian" and "Ethical"

ctabuk said...

Hi, we are all in the same boat, I never got paid for mine. She's a crook. Try

My new book was published by them free of charge and they are Legend Press.

Good luck my friend.

Kind regards David Castle

sarudzayi barnes said...

Hi Ras Masimba

I am very sorry you have had to go through this terrible experience in your life. I know the feeling. I have walked that road before that is why I decided to form my own publishing company, The Lion Press Ltd. I never got any penny with How Mugabe Mugged Zimbabwe. I phoned the guy who published it but never got any replies. I left messages after messages until the phone number was no longer in use. I will give you a The Lion Press Ltd ISBN and you can print your own copies and sell them the way you want. I am about to order 500 copies from my printers,European Group of Printers and distribute them in bookshops. You can do the same.

Jah guidance.