Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Dis-Grace

The only real news about this story is that Grace Mugabe (acclaimed author of Which Spice-Girl do I resemble the most? and numerous other works) has outdone herself in the Crass, Vulgar, Horrendous Lush Department.

The Herald is yet to react to this story, I guess not even they can come up with something to prop up this PR disaster. Except maybe another denunciation of the imperialists harrassing our first lady as she minds her own business. And once again, they will miss the point or try to take away attention from the point; rather like the sheep in Animal Farm bleating FOUR LEGS GOOD, TWO LEGS BAD.

The point is not about Grace Mugabe's behaviour- I think everyone in Zimbabwe can agree with me that she is not the first and she is no lady. She is the embodiment of all that ZANU and the Mugabe regime has degenerated in to: common, flashy, big on spending yet lacking in taste. I would be ashamed to be related to her. (Didn't one of her brothers steal some of the wedding gifts? Even so, what kind of a Zimbabwean prosecutes their own brother over such a matter?) Remember that uncle of hers telling the nation on television that now that their daughter had married the President, "tagara muhupfu". Could there be a phrase more telling about her background?

Then came the scandal involving the looting of the Housing Fund. She built herself a huge mansion-dubbed Graceland-while the average Zimbabwean, who had voted her husband back in office despite growing misgivings and unease because he had promised to meet the Independence target of Housing for all by the year 2000, was seeing slums sprout all over our urban areas.Way to go, Grace.

Oh, the list goes on. There's the times the national airline was commandeered to carry her shopping (one time it made the journey thrice). My friend who worked in a bank told me about the accounts in her children's names and the huge amounts pouring in. (This was CBZ, then under Gideon Gono-the same Gono who thinks the Reserve Bank is Grace Mugabe's personal expense account. The question is why? Could he be getting his reward the same way Pamire, Makamba and that guard who was buried at Heroes' Acre are reputed to have got theirs?)She is reputed to have owned the land where there was a flea market in front of the mosque on Julius Nyerere Way.

And the gaffes. Like laughing while Mugabe delivered one of his tirades, this time over striking workers. Or looking positively bored during the opening of Parliament. And the Spice-Girls thing.

Bitch please!!

I would like to see how the Herald, or bizarre nonsensical sycophants like (un)Reason Rwafarwarova who battles Western Imperialism by living in Australia a life far removed from that of the ordinary Zimbabwean, Steven Gowans (who pretends to be some sort of tame Whitey when all he is doing is using Zimbabwe as a stick to beat up the American Government and capitalism with) and Ayinde Hotep/Trinidad/Trinicenter or whatever his name is can explain spending so much money in Hong Kong (our own shops not good enough, eh?)when the economy is what it is can be considered consistent with the idea that the Mugabe regime is for the people.

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