Sunday, June 21, 2009

You can't fool anyone, Mr Tsvangirai, except yourself!!!

Word that's coming out is that Mr Morgan Tsvangirai- Prime Minister of a Government whose "legitimacy" is based purely on the continued supression of democracy in Zimbabwe-was jeered at Southwark Cathedral when he tried to ask Zimbabwean exiles to come home. Reports have it that he was surprised at the reaction. Well, any one who still holds on to the belief that Mr Tsvangirai has at least the mental agility of a door knob would be surprised too. Just what the hell did he expect? Fawning adulation? For what? We are not Zanu supporters, and this is why we do not applaud people just for the sheer hell of it. Mr Tsvangirai has been hanging around that crowd so long he is starting to think like them.

Zimbabwe needs her exiles. We have the skills, capital and youthful vigour that will make the country turn around. But, Mr Tsvangirai and those who sent him-ironically, a few months ago they were saying he was sent to them by someone else, but that is another matter-need to remember the reason why we left Zimbabwe in the first place.

Some left because they didn't like the regime's accommodation arrangements at the bottom of a lake in Marondera with a whole new career as fish food. Some simply felt there was no point in living in a country that was sliding towards the precipice to the sound of Hondo yeMinda when there are other countries that are still keen on progress, stability etc. The reasons are many, but they all boil down to the fact that Zimbabwe has become unliveable. When we were denied our right to vote in to office those who we thought could deliver, we decided to vote with our feet.

While the state may have lost immeasurably in terms of skills and capital, certain elements in the regime made quite a bit out of the situation. We all know who owns all those money-transfer bureaux in Slough, London and other places and it wasn't the Rothschilds. More like the Msikas. So, Zanu officials who have remained in office due to a situation that has forced millions of Zimbabweans abroad, have profited from dealing in the money sent home by these same exiles to keep those who have remained behind and are suffering alive.

Think on these things, Chematama.

While you think on these things, let me tell you why we don't believe things have gotten better in Zimbabwe. Because Mr Mugabe is still there. Because all Zimbabweans resent having to work so hard to prop up a political arrangement that we did not even ask for in the first place. We asked for free and fair elections, so until we get those, please shut the fuck up!!!

This whole GPA, or GNU or whatever you call it, we have been there before the last time we had an unrepentent dictator who blamed everyone except himself for the mess the country was in.

No one, not even the foreign allies of the different sides seriously believed that it would work or that it even represented a government of unity. Why? Because people still did not have the vote!! Like Tsvangirai now telling us that things are better, there is that picture of Muzorewa standing in the rain appealing to guerillas to lay down their arms because there was nothing to fight for any more as there was now a Black Prime Minister. And today, Muzorewa is still vilified as the one who compromised with an evil political system that caused death and misery to Black people; precisely what Zanu PF under Mugabe has made a career of.

Let's not forget a similar GNU arrangement from history that arose under circumstances similar to the ones that have made you Prime Minister-after orchestrated violence using state organs such as the army against opposition strongholds in the Matebeleland region, Mr Mugabe effectively held the people's suffering hostage and persuaded Joshua Nkomo to join him in a unity government.


His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie said that those who ignore the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. The Mugabe-Nkomo is all the more significant because it saw the abolition of the post of State President, and effectively placed all State authority-including that of nullifying the results of elections in the hands of Mugabe. It certainly did not see any moves towards consolidating the democracy that was achieved with the attainment of majority rule in 1980. Rather, with the effective dissolution of the opposition, Mugabe began to talk of formally declaring a one-party state.

Another picture that speaks for millions of Zimbabwe about this new arrangement with Zanu PF and MDC-Mutambara.

This is what this GPA really means, Mr Tsvangirai. The absorption of the MDC-and de facto, all opposition-to Zanu PF's continued rule and the belief that the MDC has access to much-needed funds from the West. By much needed I mean much needed for the maintenance of a lifestyle to which Zimbabwean politicians believe they are entitled to for no apparent reason than the fact that they believe this.

Well, we are having none of it, sir.

So why don't you head back to Ha-Ha-Harare and wait for the real revolution to happen or Zimbabwe to turn in to a total wasteland, whichever comes first? Tell old Beelzebob and the Robot Scientist and the 101 ministers on your gravy train that Zimbabweans are not so easily deluded. We know what is good for us and what is not good for us. This GPA or GNU is good for dishing out posts and offices to the thousands of opportunists, but little else. It is good for justifying the continued tenure of people we asked to leave over a decade ago, but little else.

By the way, all those MDC activists who think it is safe now;a friend who has an aunt in Zanu PF tells me they have been asked to compile a list of MDC members. They have also been told to remain in Zanu PF and not join MDC because "panguva yekumaelections tiri kuda kuvabika!"


sarudzayi barnes said...

I agree with you Masimba.Tsvangirai has lost the plot,and he is more of a Mugabe errant boy than a political leader. I feel sorry for those who lost relatives because of the MDC. They all died in vain. I especially feel sorry for the widow and children of the late Tonderai Machiridza who was beaten to death on 18 April 2003,Tonderai Ndira who was murdered last year,and many more. Tsvangirai has blood on his hands.

When we came here we did not ask his permission first,nor did we go to say goodbye to him.We left because we could not stand the political and economic heat. People did a good thing to jeer him. He is a sell-out.

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